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So Would You Let Me Be




C        G     F       Em      C   G              F
We've get along together, I should have known

You're the best that I could love

C       G          F                 Em
Until now it's hard for me to face it

C                   G                       F      G
Why don't we meet each other sooner

Am                                 G 
I left them all behind you only for you

Would you believe it, I put my trust on you

Am                                 G                      Am
But deep inside I realized that I can't, no I can't

F                         G       Am              G
They were all my brother my cry and happiness


So would you let me be my self

Reach all my dreams and hopes

I know you're known me better

I know you love me, you do

You're eyes says more than anythings

That's realy means to me

Darlin would you now

                  G        C
Would you set me free
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